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HOME STAGING CONSULTATION and RECOMMENDATION REPORT  After reviewing the property, taking photographs, assessing the necessary improvements, and discussing recommendations, the homeowner will be furnished with a detailed Recommendation Report which includes a pricing menu. Homeowners can initiate any or all recommendations on their own or enlist the DaVinci team to make the improvements. The cost of the consult and Recommendation Report is $400.

HOME STAY-GING - Design for the homeowner who is "staying" Home Stay-ging is a hybrid service that combines the customization of interior design with the affordability and speed of home staging. With the assistance of the homeowner,  DaVinci Designer Gallery will rearrange furnishings, repurpose rooms, and transform spaces using existing decor. This service is 1-3 hrs and cost $450. (additional hours are $175/hr)

DESIGN CONSULTATION (Available in a Gift Card) DaVinci Designer Gallery, masters of unique interior designs,  now offers the "DDG Design Consultation".  This consultation is a 1-2 hour home review that includes a thorough homeowner interview to ensure client satisfaction, color selection, product suggestions, spatial planning, and trade resources. The cost of this professional service is $350.
Why not give this service as a gift? For a wedding, anniversary, house warming, or birthday,  give the gift of interior design. Simply write "gift card" in the "Preferred Service" field below and we will send you an ornate boxed gift card. Give the gift of design to someone special and transform their's a gift they will treasure forever!

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