Today's ever changing real estate market and economic uncertainty may

be preventing  owners from making a move. These homeowners may be resigned to stay where they are... but they are craving the upgrades to satisfy that "new home" desire...that's where Stay-ging ® comes in.

Home Stay-ging ® is a hybrid service that combines the customization of

interior design with the affordability and speed of home staging. This service is so unique, it has been successfully registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

My staging clients often exclaimed that they wished they had me come to

stage their house when they lived there...and now I do!

Recognizing the needs of these homeowners, who are choosing to stay,
has led me to create this novel and timely service.

Similar to Speed Staging, homeowners, along with friends and family, will be directly involved in the 2 hr. stay-ging process. Under my direction, they will be assisting in furniture moves, space design, organization, and purging. When we are through, I will make suggestions on new items that can be brought in to further enhance the new look.

Though we use existing furniture and decor, the transformation of a stayged home has my clients feeling like they just closed on their dream house!

H o m e   S t ay-g i n g ®
"for the homeowner who is staying"