I met Maureen Reddy 11 eleven years ago when she staged my current husband’s house (Queen Anne Victorian) for it going on the market for sale. She turned a gorgeous house (in disrepair) into a show piece and it sold in 24 hours!!! It was a miracle!!!!!!! Maureen created the miracle. Every since. I have invited her back to my contemporary home in Lincoln for a redesign. I call on her when I feel I have over decorated it and created too much clutter. She has an unbelievable ability to rearrange, streamline, reposition furniture and art in such a way that you feel you are in a new home. Yet at the same time, she uses all the things that you love and are precious to you. Her ability to hone in on what can and should be done is a talent I much admire. She helped me change out window treatments, pick new wall colors along with furniture changes. I would recommend her to you without hesitation.

Fran Lipson Lincoln, Ma.

DaVinci Design Gallery exceeded our expectations! After only four days on the market, we received several strong offers for our 1800 sq ft condo, and we just accepted one of the offers minutes ago in large part due to Maureen’s extraordinary work. From our initial consultation to her thorough staging report on to the final transformation that brought out all the best features of our home--the process was tailored to our needs in every way. As I walked through the house, one room after another, I found myself wishing I had each space setup the way Maureen staged it long before it was for sale. If you are looking for an outstanding staging experience with proven results, look no further. You might even consider bringing her in when you first move in (as I am) so you can actually enjoy living in the better version of your home.

Shawn Benjamin, Newton

We have embarked on many real estate transactions over the years, but this is the first time we staged our property. We are very glad we did because our property sold in two days and the multiple offers were all above the asking price. We attribute this success to the efforts of Maureen of DaVinci Designer Gallery. We knew from the first moment we met her that she knew the market and how to enhance the appeal of our home. Maureen worked very well with us and with our realtor. Designing for a diverse, every-changing market is not easy—but Maureen was able to accomplish this very swiftly and efficiently! Our money was well spent.

Mary Jo Diem, Boston

Maureen provides a custom staging experience that fits the market for your home. She has great artistic sensibilities, and knows what will appeal to potential home-buyers. We were impressed with her professionalism and with the results. Our place sold in one day, and her staging for our open house played an important role in that!


I received two offers on my house within two days of putting it on the market. I attribute that to Maureen's good taste and wonderful suggestions which I followed diligently. (Need to get rid of more books on the right side of the butler's pantry but that's the only thing that I have been lazy about) I was finally able to get the exact shower curtain, bedspread and cabinet pulls that she recommended. The colors of the kitchen and bathroom are fabululous and I never would have chosen them myself.The specified flowers in the powder room are lovely. Furniture placement was great. I highly recommend her for her talent and patience. Money well-spent ! I.F

My first introduction to Maureen and her creative staging and design ideas was when Maureen staged one of my listings in Marblehead. The home was the perfect family home but needed some design assistance. With Maureen's help, the home sold in three days for the asking price. Maureen has staged other properties for me and I intend to use her services again in the near future. Maureen's vision and creativity are even more important these days in a changing real estate market.

Mike Cannuscio

Marblehead, MA

Maureen Reddy of DaVinci Designer Gallery and I have been working together for about 2 years. As a busy Realtor I was looking for an edge to get my listings sold for higher prices and in less time. I read about Maureen in a Boston Globe article talking about staging services and gave Maureen a call. Since that time we have worked together on about 20 homes. In every case where the homeowner worked with Maureen and I to implement her staging suggestions on their own, or hired Maureen to do all of the work, that home sold faster and for more money than it would have without her help. I would venture to say that in every case the homeowner recouped their investment in the staging cost and in most cases made considerably more above and beyond those costs, in terms of a higher sales price. Additionally, those homeowners avoided the stress of long marketing periods because their homes sold faster than the competition. I highly recommend Maureen's services to anyone who needs to prepare a home for sale. I am happy to answer any questions about Maureen's services (my contact information is below) and am happy to promote her services, but truthfully, I would really prefer that her services remain a secret, so that she always has time for me and my clients!

Bill Skerry

"My husband and I were thrilled with the services of DaVinci Designer Gallery. Maureen took our ideas and made them into a reality that truly surpassed our initial vision. Her eye for color, form and function is amazing. She was fun to work with and kept our budget in mind. We look forward to working with her again, and we would recommend DDG highly to anyone looking to enhance their home."

Jamelia Haddawi

Newton, MA

Maureen is a rare combination of artistic and design talent together with all the positive business traits of punctuality, follow through, reliability, etc. It is a pleasure to work with her...I know my sellers will be happy, I will be happy, and, perhaps most important, the potentials buyers will be wowed!

Shira Steinberg

Keller Williams

Maureen took the time to meet with us to determine the perfect mix of period décor and functional design for a family of 2 toddlers living in a historic home. Her energy, enthusiasm and seemingly endless ability to source materials saved us time, money and the usual frustration associated with decorating ones own home, we continue to work with Maureen as our decorating needs evolve.

Gary & Jennifer Santo

Salem, MA

Using the staging services of DaVinci Designer Gallery has been a tremendous tool when selling property. The dramatic transformations have resulted in quicker sales and higher asking prices. I know a home will look its best when DDG has been on the scene.

Penny G McKenzie

Northrup Associates

Lynnfield, MA

…Our realtor recommended Maureen Reddy - a stager he has worked with in the past. She is wonderful to work with, first looking at the condition of your house, and the furnishings you have available. She went through our house thoroughly, making note of what work needed to be done to make our house look the best it can and command the money it is really worth. It would be very easy to be offended by this whole process, but Maureen has a style that makes you feel great about making your house ready to sell. Her knowledge of interior decorating and design, in particular relative to what makes a house show well and sell, are well worth the money spent on her services. Everything she does, she does with an eye toward what makes a house look great and sell. It has been a fantastic experience working with her, and even in the tough economy we are in, our house showed very well, and was under agreement very quickly. We invested well in her services, the amount you spend will come back 2-5 times in the higher sale price of the house.

Anne Murrock

Watertown, MA

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Maureen came to my home and made some key recommendations as to what had to be done to make my home at 89 Lake St. Peabody, Ma as saleable as possible. We complied with all of her proposals. After her staging was done, she indicated that we would receive a bid some $20,000 to $25,000 more than we thought we would receive. She was 100% per cent correct. After 2 hours of the first day open house we received a full offer bid. I am fully convinced, with out Maureen, my home would still be on the market struggling to be sold. My best advice is please listen to her proposal and you will be very satisfied.

Mike & Carol Sapol

Peabody, MA

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