1) Staged homes sell quicker and for more money 

2) A buyer decides if the home will be a consideration within the first 8 seconds upon entering

3) Homes staged by DDG brought in 325%-750% on every staging dollar spent 

4) Staging, most often costs far less than the property‚Äôs first price reduction of $10,000

Home Staging is a necessary service in the Real Estate industry. DaVinci Designer Gallery has been successfully staging homes for over 15 years. Owner,  Maureen Reddy, has in depth experience in interior design, visual merchandising, and advertising. This varied background, along with a warehouse of props, and a team of professional trades,  allows for a home staging service that is unmatched in the Boston area. Watch our staging video.

  H o m e   S t a g i n g


1) Property Review/Recommendation Report: After reviewing the property, taking photographs, assessing the necessary improvements, and discussing recommendations, the homeowner will be furnished with a detailed Recommendation Report which includes a pricing menu. Homeowners can initiate any or all recommendations on their own or enlist the DaVinci team to make the improvements. The cost of the Recommendation Report is $400. Click here to schedule and pay for an appointment.

2) Installation: Step 2 will have the DaVinci team transforming your home to appeal to a predetermined market. Pricing is detailed in the report.