DaVinci Designer Gallery provides the best Home Staging in Boston

DaVinci...the name is synonymous with intellect,

diversity, and creative genius. For the man who bore it embodied the divine

gift of the creative fire.

At DaVinci Designer Gallery we preserve the spirit of our namesake which

enables us to present our clients with a masterpiece of their own.

Artist and owner of DaVinci Designer Gallery, 
Maureen Reddy, has been creating extraordinary surroundings in the residential, retail, and liturgical sects for

over two decades. Whether providing home staging in Boston, interior design on the North Shore, or engaging in the latest SPEED Staging, Reddy's is able to transform any space. 

Her unique and creative journey as a commercial artist, graphic designer, fine

painter, interior designer, home stager, and visual merchandiser, allows her to

craft superb environments for her clients. (see artist intro video)

Enter the website for more information on how you can realize your vision with

DaVinci Designer Gallery.

      56  Willow  Ave.  Winthrop, MA  02152    617-319-2837                                     davinci29@comcast.net‚Äč